Infra-Red Direct Control

INFRA-RED Direct Control for DOS (IRDC) is a full-screen character-based application with a "point & click" user-friendly interface. IRDC communicates with upgradeable ONE FOR ALL© remote controls manufactured by Universal Electronics that are serially interfaced to a PC. The RADIO SHACK 15-1919 is also supported. A special serial cable is required to attach the remote control to the PC; it connects to an RS-232 serial port on the PC and to a 3 pin port within the remote control itself (inside the battery compartment). A Windows version, IRDCw (INFRA-RED Direct Control for WINDOWS) is also available.

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Now Supporting the15-1919 Remote Control

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[Download IRDC v2.50 (Shareware Version)]

IRDC Revision History

JUN'97      2.50      -Added support for new URC-6050 chipsets
                       (Model 8A1)
                      -Added support for the Radio Shack 6 in 1 RF
                       remote 15-1919 (Model RS)

APR'96      2.40      -Added support for new URC-4050 chipsets
                       (Models 6A1 & 6A2)
                      -Updated Author E-mail Address
                      -Version skipped to align with IRDCw

OCT'95      2.20      -Added User Defined Button Macro capability
                      -Modified IRDC.INI and Command Line Argument
                       parsing routines to display errors and
                       continue rather than terminating the program
                       with an error message.
                      -Added section headers to IRDC.INI file

MAR'95      2.12      -Updated keycodes for models URC4005,URC4050 &
                       URC6050 (DISPLAY)

FEB'95      2.11      -Upgraded encryption scheme to improve program

JAN'95      2.10      -Added prompt to physically press a button
                       (to put remote ONLINE) upon first button click
                       after program load AND after 'Take Remote
                       Offline' is clicked for models URC2005,URC4005,
                       URC4050 & URC6050)
                      -Added prompt to 'Take Remote Offline' upon
                       program exit for models URC2005,URC4005,URC4050
                       & URC6050)
                      -Updated on-screen representation of URC4050
                      -Updated keycodes for models URC4005,URC4050 &
                       URC6050 (PROGRAM,RECORD,DISPLAY & MUTE keys)

NOV'94      2.00      -Added support for 4 additional ONE FOR ALL
                       remote control models (URC2005,URC4005,URC4050,
                      -Added Dynamic User Defined CommPort Support
                      -Added Quick Upgrade/Registration
                      -Changed initial warning prompt to contextual
                       jump into the Help Dialogue

APR'94      1.03      -Added Save IRDC.INI prompt when Exit attempted
                       without saving a changed Configuration

MAR'94      1.02      -Re-enabled ESCAPE key to exit Configuration

OCT'93      1.01      -Enabled ESCAPE key to exit Program
                      -Corrected typo in Help File Warning
                       (URC-5000-2 not supported should have
                       read URC-5000-1 not supported)

OCT'93      1.00      First Public Release
                      -Configuration Panel Re-organized
                       -SAVE Button Added
                       -Warning CheckBox Added
                      -'F1' Key to invoke Help added
                      -Cursor Key navigation added to keypad area
                       (cursor keys will navigate to adjacent
                        buttons - will skip 1 row or button if
                        no adjacent button).
                      -OFA-12 Button Definition Problems Corrected
                       (Mode Buttons, A,B,C, Power, CH+,CH-)
                      -OFA-12 Extended Remote Code support added
                       for F1 - F4.
                      -European Date Format Support Added
SEP'93      1.00beta  Beta Test

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