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Upgradable* Remote Controls:

URC-2093 The One For All® 3 " One Call** 3" -- add new information right over the phone!
URC-2094 The One For All® 4 " One Call** 4" -- add new information right over the phone!
URC-7070 The pro Producer® 7 'Learning' remote Replaces 7- devices and 'learns' all their functions right from the original!
URC-8080 The a/v Producer® 8 Home Theater remote with LED screen and 'Timed Recording' macro.
URC-8090 The home Producer® 8 IR/RF remote extends the reach of your remote up to 100 feet!

*Upgradable: What's the worst thing about buying the latest in "cutting edge" technology? Having it become obsolete a year later. One For All is the only company that brings upgradable technology to universal remote controls. With it, you can rest assured that the technology advances and new products that can easily make universal remotes obsolete will not be a problem. Our upgradable remotes allow us to add codes to the remote's memory as soon as new devices enter the market. Simply return the remote to us. We'll add any necessary codes, free-of-charge, and send it right back.

**One Call: Our new One Call remotes (URC-2093, URC-2094) take our "upgradable" technology one step further. Our patented technology allows us to download new codes as soon as they're introduced into the market. And, unlike our other upgradable models, the information is only a phone call away!

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