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Home Producer® 8

Universal IR/RF Remote Control System

Uses radio frequency and infrared technology to control your DSS and home theater through the walls from anywhere around your home -- up to 100 feet away

Home Producer®Operates Any Combination Of Eight Devices
TV, VCR, Cable/VideoAccessories, DSS/SAT, CD, Laser disc/DVD, Cassette, Amp/Misc. Audio, Tuner/Receiver
  • Home Producer® gives you the maximum level of flexibility and control thanks to radio frequency (RF) technology. With the Home Producer®, you can control your ifrared (IR) DSS and Home Theater equipment through the walls from anywhere in your home -- up to 100 feet away. And, not only does Home Producer® eliminate the confusion of multiple remotes, it lets you control any combination of eight devices. Home Producer® is the ultimate universal remote control.
Electroluminescent Back lit Keypad and LCD
  • The LCD status system provides more information about extended functions -- resulting in easier customization -- and the back lit keypad makes changing functions a snap in any light.
Home Theater Mode
  • Imagine walking into your home theater room and using just one key to turn on a series of electronic equipment -- all to your precise predetermined settings. The Home Theater Mode key lets you do it
Timed Macros
  • This feature enables you to pre-time a series of 10 different sub programs including, but not limited to Timed Recording, System Activation and Sequencing. These macros can be set to seven days in advance for your convenience.
  • Obsolete is a word that will never apply to Home Producer®. The remote can be upgraded to operate new devices.
Code Saver
  • Our Code Saver memory - retention feature means you can replace depleted batteries and never have to reprogram Home Producer® -- ever.

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