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Protocol Decode requests

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2009 3:28 pm    Post subject: Protocol Decode requests Reply with quote

If you have tried to learn the signals from a remote, with a view to building an upgrade, but RMIR doesn't recognize the protocol, you should ask us for help building an upgrade.

What you should do is learn ALL of the buttons from the original remote. Chances are that there's not enough learning memory in your JP1 remote to hold all of the buttons at once, so when the memory is full, you should download the file using IR.exe and save it, then clear out your remote and capture the rest of the buttons.

PLEASE LEARN THE COMPLETE SET OF BUTTONS before asking me to create an upgrade for you, otherwise I will have to repeat the whole process when you post more learns.

Please learn the buttons to their logical equivalent on the learning remote, and if there isn't a logical button for it, learn it to any button but please enter the correct button name in the "Notes" column in IR before saving the file.

Before saving the IR files, please also test whether the learned buttons actually work as sometimes you can get a bad learn that doesn't work and we can't decode it. If a learn doesn't work, try learning it again.

If you haven't used the learning feature before, or are having trouble getting it to work, read the following thread which outlines the correct learning procedure:

In most cases, you should use the long-hold technique where you hold the original remote button down until the learning remote is done, this method will work when the remote sends a signal until the button is released and doesn't send anything else.

Occasionally a remote sends something extra when the button is released. If you suspect this is the case, you should use a short-press techinque where you hold the original button for a second or so and then release it, as this should allow the learning remote to capture both parts of the signal.

There's another situation to be aware of, which is rare but still happens. Some remotes send multiple different signals while the button is held, the idea being that the remote will control different devices without needing a setup change. When this happens, the learning remote will appear to do a clean learn, but the learns don't work. To capture the correct signal you'll need to use a delay-hold technique where you start pressing the original remote button BEFORE you put the learning remote into learn mode. It may take several attempts to get a learn that works.

Once you've saved your RMIR files, if you have multiple files please zip them together, then load them to the Diagnosis Area folder, here:

Finally, please start a new thread in this "Protocol Decodes" forum. Please use the brand, model and type of device as the subject for the thread (eg, "Sony ABC123 Blu-Ray DVD player") and please include a link to the IR files in the post.

If you are adventurous and want to have a crack at solving this yourself, the tool to use is the Protocol Builder spreadsheet, which you can find here:

and there's a beginners guide here:
Please don't PM me with remote questions, post them in the forums so all the experts can help!
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