The Evolution of Remote Control

Earlier remote controls were only in use for turning on a television. Besides adjusting the color and other settings, these remote controls were basic with numbers for the channels and volume control. These remote controls have grown from being a humble contraption to start or operate any mechanical device.

Fast forward to the present times when you can sit on your couch and have a remote control for the AC to set the cooling timer.

Then probably you venture out to play a slot like Buffalo Blitz or Book of Dead as you use the remote to turn the window blinds up. So, you can get an overview of how important remote controls have become. Did we also say that now you can manage your sound systems, car, and more through these very remotes? They have evolved for sure from being the humble controlling device.

The Origin of Remote Control

We have to give Nikola Tesla the due credit for using wireless technology to invent the remote control. It was way back in 1898, and he demonstrated the power of the remote control to send radio signals to activate a small boat. The antenna on this small boat had just a single antenna and enough to receive just a single radio frequency to activate it.

This remote development was for the US Navy, yet the technology won a lot of attention. The other companies felt this tech to be useful for different applications, which is how the modern remote control came up.

The More Earth-Shattering Discoveries

You can put an invention to any use, which is what happened with the remote controls. The Germans used the same in World War I for controlling and causing destruction of ships with remote controlling ammunition. The militaries conducted several experiments and found these to run unmanned torpedoes and other missiles.

The Entry to Our Lives

We saw the remote controls making a beeline to our life when the home appliances started relying on the Infra-red radiation to connect with devices. There would be radiation to control the devices to carry the signals. The devices include home-theaters and music systems.

The IR remote can emit these rays in sync with the paired device. So, it becomes a receiver, and they can get the device that is a transmitter.

How the Modern Remote Control Looks

Technology has developed rapidly in the last couple of decades. It has changed the way businesses operate. For example, nowadays, people play various slots and table games at reputable online casinos like It equally gives a playing experience like land-based casinos.

Similarly, remote control technology has also evolved. Gone are the days of bulky remote controls with buttons and numbers. These days the IR remote controls have wireless and gesture control, among other features. The remote control is sleek and without any bulky features. Now you can check the Radio Frequency remote controls or what you know as the RF Remote control. These have become the top choice of all the appliances these days, including the Smart TV. The Bluetooth connectivity helps in pairing with the device or the receiver to find easy clicks.

Though these days, you have the Apple hearing devices, like Siri and Alexa. These have taken the game of using the remote to do your work by going completely hands-free. These devices require Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to do your bidding and manage all your controls. These can do a lot more than turn on the TV or reduce the volume.

The remote control has become user-friendly, and there are no buttons or switches to press too.

So, whether you have a computer, game console, or joysticks, you require a bit of effort. We are yet to see more evolution in the remote control world.

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The Evolution of Remote Control