Advanced Codes for LD_0128

LD/0128 - RCA "CED" Video Disk players

Note:  if your remote doesn't have the LD/0128 setup code (which is 
likely) you can also use these advanced codes with the TV/0135 or 
TV/0213 setup codes, which are present in alot of remotes.

There are three sets of advanced codes depending on what type of 
remote you have.

Group 1: most current remotes

194 pause
154 visual fwd
210 visual reverse
082 fast fwd
042 fast reverse

Group 2: older LCD remotes (eg, Producer 8, etc)

??? pause (we're still looking for this code)
235 visual fwd
229 visual reverse
020 fast fwd
241 fast reverse

Group 3: older non-LCD remotes (eg, 15-1918, URC-7070, etc)

229 pause
241 visual fwd
235 visual reverse
026 fast fwd
020 fast reverse

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