One For All Trouble Shooting Guide

Problem:                                      Solution:

Red light not blinking when you               Replace the batteries with
press a key?                                  new AAA alkaline batteries.

The red light blinks when you press           Make sure you are aiming
a key but you receive no response             your URC at your home
from your home entertainment component?       entertainment component and
                                              that you are within 15 feet
                                              of the component you are
                                              trying to operate.

The URC does not operate your home            Try all of the codes listed
entertainment components or is not            for your brand of home
performing commands properly?                 entertainment equipment in
                                              the "Set-Up Codes" section.
                                              Some set-up codes may allow
                                              for partial functionality,
                                              however, only one set-up
                                              code will operate your home
                                              entertainment equipment
                                              correctly.  Make certain
                                              that the component you are
                                              trying to operate is made
                                              to work with an infrared
                                              remote control.

Problems programming a TV/VCR combo?          Use the VCR set-up codes for
                                              your brand of TV/VCR combo.
                                              Some combo units require
                                              both a TV code to control
                                              volume, and a VCR code to
                                              control power and the vcr's

VCR is not recording?                         As a safety feature on the
                                              One For All remotes, you
                                              must press the REC
                                              (record) key twice.

No volume in the Cable mode                   Try the "Volume Punch Thru"
or for a 2nd TV/VCR combo.                    instructions in your manual,
                                              or at the programming
                                              section of our www site.

Channel Up and Down not working               Due to RCA design ('83-'87),
for your RCA TV?                              only the original remote
                                              will do Channel Up and Down.

Still experiencing problems?                  E-mail your question to:

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