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Non-Upgradable Remote Controls:

URC-1030 The One Device - The perfect simple remote for controlling your TV.
URC-2060 The One For All® 3 "Little Easy" -- Works TV, VCR, and Cable
URC-2099 The One For All® "Lite" -- Fully-lighted keypad!
URC-3030 The Perfect Trio - TV, VCR, and Cable in one simple remote.
URC-3060 The Three Device with Digits- Controls your TV, VCR, or Cable. Great new look!
URC-3300 The Big Easy Sr 3. A brand new look for our three device.
LARGE keys. TV, VCR, Cable.
URC-4060 The Four Device remote controls any combinaton of four devices. TV,VCR, Laser Disc, Cable Box, Satellite/DSS or CD players. Sleek, Stylish and User friendly!
URC-5060 The Five Device remote operates most of you Video and Audio devices.
URC-5061 Lose your remote?? This 5 Device not only controls your TV, VCR/Laser Disc, Cable Box/Satellite/DSS, CD players, and Recievers/Amps, but also includes a finder to locate your remote when it gets misplaced.

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