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Learning Remotes From One For All

During the holiday season of 1999, you will find an interesting alternative to the myriad of ho hum universal remotes at your local retailers. Beginning at $24.99, you will have the option of finally putting all of the original remotes in the coffee table drawer.

We're not kidding!

We know, you've heard it before. But it never rings true as you reach for the original to do tracking or access the menu. Your life is about to change! Using patented technology, One For All remotes can "learn" special features on your home entertainment systems while still utilizing the ease of a pre-programmed remote. Simply put, you won't need to learn standard functions like volume and channel, only the functions that are unique to your home theater setup. This means that for the first time, you can purchase a universal remote that easily and affordably consolidates every feature of your original remotes. You truly will only need one remote - if you choose a learner from One For All.

Innovative Learning Technology:

Stores up to 48 learned functions in addition to the best code library already built into the remote.
Versatile mode specific learning keys that enable you to add new features in one mode while retaining the key's original function in another mode.
Dual function LED that is used for both learning and IR transmission.
Available on models URC6800, URC7800, URC8800 and URC9800

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