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Sharp LC-45GD4U - Discrete On/Off ok, but broken via DSM/LKP

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Joined: 12 Oct 2003
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2005 5:04 am    Post subject: Sharp LC-45GD4U - Discrete On/Off ok, but broken via DSM/LKP Reply with quote

I have Discrete On/Off mapped to ch+/- through a keymove
and also embedded in 2 DSMs whose only purpose is to execute
Discrete On and Discrete Off and also within a LKP with short
press Discrete On and long press Discrete Off.

Discrete On/Off works fine when started via the button assigned by
keymove, but with DSM and LKP, once I execute Discrete Off,
Discrete On no longer works.

This is using Sharp protocol for an LCD TV Aquos LC-45GD4U.
I'm using RS 15-2117 ext2.

Discrete On
Sharp Dev:17 OBC:74

Discrete Off
Sharp Dev:17 OBC:75

It feels like this is a timing issue. To clarify, if I execute Discrete Off
through DSM or LKP, the cooling fan turns off after about 2 seconds.

If I execute Discrete On before the fan turns off, it works ok. If I
wait until the fan shuts off, Discrete On doesn't work. If I try the
same thing with the keymove-based Discrete On/Off, it works in
all situations.

So my guess is the timing or spacing of the pulses changes when
executed from DSM or LKP and this is confusing the LCD.

Also when the LCD is in this state where it doesn't resond to Discrete On,
I can get it to turn on by using the keymove-based Discrete On, or
I can use a DSM/LKP-based Discrete On by executing 3 Discrete Ons in
succession (by hand, not from the macro) It seems like the Discrete Off
left the LCD in a state where it was still expecting some IR pulses and
I need to clear out the buffer by flooding the unit with IR and having
it reset itself.

At first I had all this defined through Sharp Combo (official) protocol
and I thought it might be a problem with the Combo protocol so I
switched to a very simple device using Sharp protocol which only
defines Discrete On/Off and the problem still exists.

Anybody seen something similar or have some suggestions where to
look next?

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Joined: 12 Oct 2003
Posts: 287

PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 5:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

If anybody encounters this problem I was able to cobble together a

It seems due to some timing issue I cannot use discrete on/off and
power toggle through a DSM or LKP properly. Once the unit is shut
off, it will no longer turn on using either discrete on or power toggle
(assuming they are invoked via DSM or LKP macro)

This basically made it impossible for me to implement the one button
System On and System Off macros.

I was able to figure out through experimentation that I could get
Discrete On and Power Toggle recognized if I created a DSM which
sent 2 IR functions followed by a pause, followed by a 3rd IR function.

However, this technique didn't work as well for Power Toggle. It worked
ok to turn the unit on, but when turning the unit off, it ended up quickly
turning the unit off, and immediately turning it back on. The reason this
was happening was because there is a short 2 sec period of time when
the fan on the unit is still spinning, where it *doesn't* suffer from this
problem of recognizing an "ON" signal. So, Power Toggle, Power Toggle,
Pause, Power Toggle ends up getting interpreted as "OFF" followed
by "ON".

This caused me to completely trash Power Toggle as an IR function
and replace with simulated Power Toggle using ToadTogs. This ended
up working out pretty well and in real usage I can't really tell all this
spaghetti strung IR is happening in the background.

So to summarize, this is what I'm using to create a Discrete On/Off and
Power Toggle which will work when executed from LKP within 15-2117
ext2. [Please note, Discrete On/Off and Power Toggle work fine if invoked
from KeyMoves (or in an unextended remote). They only become a
problem when invoked via DSM or LKP]

 SHIFT-Pause   Pause               $7F
XSHIFT-Power   ToadTog(1,Toggle)   [On/Off     ] XSHIFT-DiscreteOFF
                                   [Off/On     ] XSHIFT-DiscreteON; XSHIFT-DiscreteON; SHIFT-Pause; XSHIFT-DiscreteON
  DiscreteON   ToadTog(1,ForceOn)  [Already On ] XSHIFT-DiscreteON; XSHIFT-DiscreteON; SHIFT-Pause; XSHIFT-DiscreteON
                                   [Off/On     ] XSHIFT-DiscreteON; XSHIFT-DiscreteON; SHIFT-Pause; XSHIFT-DiscreteON
 DiscreteOFF   ToadTog(1,ForceOff) [On/Off     ] XSHIFT-DiscreteOFF
                                   [Already Off] XSHIFT-DiscreteOFF
       Power   LKP(3)              [Short      ] XSHIFT-Power
                                   [Long       ] DiscreteOFF; DEV_SAT; DiscreteOFF; DEV_VCR; DiscreteOFF; DEV_DVD; DiscreteOFF
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