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Something not working? Read this...

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The Robman
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 2:09 pm    Post subject: Something not working? Read this... Reply with quote

Did you just load an upgrade and it's either not working or the remote is rejecting it? Did you just program a keymove that isn't doing what it's supposed to? Etc, etc.

We often get people posting about situations like this, then they ask "what did I do wrong?".

Next, we will ask then to post the relevant file(s) in the Diagnosis Area. Then we wait for them to post the files, then we can start looking into the problem.

If you're about to post a question like this, you can speed up the process by posting the files in advance and then POST A LINK to the files in your post.

If you're not sure which files we will need, zip them together and post them all! But generally, if you have an upgrade that's not doing what it should, we will need to see your KM or RM file. For other problems, we will probably need to see your IR file.
Please don't PM me with remote questions, post them in the forums so all the experts can help!
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

What to do when things go wrong.

If something didn’t work right, there is a knowledgeable forum “staff” ready to help you. This “staff” is made up of volunteers.

Jp1 is a huge topic. It takes a lot of work to get a handle on all the ins and outs. The forum ”staff” is made up of people that have gone through the difficult learning process and decide to stick around and share their knowledge with you. In many cases when you ask your questions you’ll be answered by the people that actually wrote the jp1 tools. Most inquires get a response within 24 hours.

In most cases if something isn’t working we need to see the files you are working with.

If you are trying to convert learns into an upgrade, we need to see the .ir file with learns, the ir file that doesn’t work and any KM or RM files involved in order to diagnose and fix the problem. Zip your files together and upload them in the diagnosis section. Post a link to your files in your post when you ask a question.

If something isn't working, don't start out by thinking you need to show us screen shots PROVING that you are doing things correctly. We acknowledge that not all things have been completely tested for all combinations of remotes, processors, protocols, and operating systems. If it is NOT your error - we need to see the files, if it IS your error - we need to see the files.

As errors are found the jp1 tools are updated. Please check to make sure you are using the latest and greatest tools.

Give us details in your post. Let us know the brands and model numbers that can't be controlled, the type of remote being programmed, and the version numbers of the JP1 tools you are using, and let us know if you are using a jp1-extender. If the software is acting up, let us know what operating system you are using.

Remember the actual files are worth a thousand pictures and a million words. With the files we can actually see what is going on. We can use the software, load to remotes, and analyze the output. The files save us time. If you make things convenient for the experts, you are more likely to have a quick answer.

And finally don't be a frenzied user posting the same question in multiple subforms. If you get answers in multiple threads it makes it hard for the experts to get a handle on the problem, what you have tried, and how to proceed.

Do read the beginner’s documents before you start with the questions.
Do post your files in the diagnosis section and post a link to those files when asking a question.
Do provide feedback. Remember that the people answering your questions are volunteers. They work for the satisfaction of helping people, so let them know that they’ve helped.
Do give us detailed error messages that you received, post screen shots if they show error messages or screwy display problems.
Do everything you can to make it convenient for the experts to help you.
Do remember that you are dealing directly with the designers.
Do fill out the required template if posting a code search.
Do bump your thread, if we seem to forget about it.
Do check to see if you are using the latest versions of files before you post problems about software.
Do provide technical details about your jp1-environment in your post.
Do post links to other conversations that may be pertinent to your situation.

Don’t post your files on other file sharing services that bombard us with popups and require registration.
Don’t use RAR files, as most of the experts deal with ZIP files.
Don’t post recaps and screen shots of file contents, post your files!
Don’t insult the jp1-tools and then expect help from the designers that wrote them to help you out.
Don’t post your problem in a bunch of different forums, post your question one place.
Don't make us guess, show us your files!
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