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SAT codes for device 0566 and 0392

Brands: RCA DSS/HDTV receivers (including DTC-100)

NOTE: If youfind that only half of the buttons work using the SAT/0566 setup code, this means that you should be using the SAT/0392 setup code. However, this code is not installed in remotes like the Cinema 7, so you will have to use learning to fix the non-working buttons.

"Power On" EFC=227
"Power Off" EFC=219
"Power Toggle" EFC=099

"Channel-" EFC=051
"Channel+" EFC=043
"1" EFC=139
"2" EFC=163
"3" EFC=155
"4" EFC=115
"5" EFC=107
"6" EFC=131
"7" EFC=123
"8" EFC=211
"9" EFC=203
"0" EFC=147
"Enter" EFC=109
"Favorite" EFC=009
"Prev Channel" EFC=251
"Commercial Skip" EFC=152

"Up" EFC=200
"Down" EFC=208
"Left" EFC=128
"Right" EFC=120
"Select/Info" EFC=179

"Input Toggle" EFC=248
"Alt Audio" EFC=143
"SAP Discrete" EFC=140

"HDTV Monitor On/Off" EFC=026
"HDTV Monitor Discrete On" EFC=094
"HDTV Monitor Discrete Off (SD)" EFC=078

"Ant/DSS Input Toggle" EFC=023
"TV Discrete" EFC=060
"DSS Discrete" EFC=036

"Antenna A/B Toggle" EFC=234
"Ant-A Discrete" EFC=044
"Ant-B Discrete" EFC=084

"Screen Size Toggle" EFC=142
"Screen Size 16:9" EFC=126
"Screen Size 4:3" EFC=118

"Screen Format Toggle" EFC=178
"Normal/Letterbox" EFC=092
"Full/Cropped" EFC=068
"Fill screen" EFC=076

"Service Mode" EFC=074

"System Shutdown" EFC=090
"Mute?" EFC=187

The official UEIC codes

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