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Denon DVD 1000 Player

You must assign a device key as a CD and set it to device code 0003 to work the Denon. You will then have to manualy program each button using the advanced codes listed below.

"Power" EFC=038 "Skip Back" EFC=198 "Skip Forward" EFC=202 "Search Back" EFC=196 "Search Forward" EFC=200 "Up" EFC=107 "Down" EFC=103 "Left" EFC=101 "Right" EFC=105 "Menu" EFC=070 "Select" EFC=164 "Open/Close" EFC=074 "Play" EFC=234 "Stop" EFC=230 "Pause" EFC=199 "Setup" EFC=171 "Audio" EFC=137 "Subtitle" EFC=135 "Angle" EFC=133 "0" EFC=006 "1" EFC=008 "2" EFC=004 "3" EFC=011 "4" EFC=007 "5" EFC=009 "6" EFC=005 "7" EFC=138 "8" EFC=134 "9" EFC=136 "+10" EFC=139

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