Advanced Codes for cbl_clearmax

Clearmax 3000

To program the Clearmax 3000 cable box, use VCR code 0037 
and remap the buttons using these advanced codes.  (This 
does not work for Clearmax 2000, unfortunately).

[Note:  the POWER button is mapped correctly]

"0" EFC=181
"1" EFC=185
"2" EFC=183
"3" EFC=187
"4" EFC=180
"5" EFC=184
"6" EFC=182
"7" EFC=186
"8" EFC=053
"9" EFC=057
"FT Down" EFC=059
"CFT" EFC=052
"Sleep" EFC=055
"FAV +/-" EFC=056
"Channel Down" EFC=054
"PG +/-" EFC=058
"Channel Up" EFC=117
"FT Up" EFC=121
"Last" EFC=119
"mute" EFC=123
"Power" EFC=116
"Vol Down" EFC=120
"Vol Up" EFC=118
"RCL" EFC=122
"M1" EFC=245
"PG Lock" EFC=249
"PG Code Change"  EFC=244
"M4" EFC=247
"M3" EFC=251
"M2" EFC=248

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